I will call you when the party is over


by min kim

88pages , 82images



"I will call you when the party is over" is Visual interpretation of a particular region. The background of this book is Hongdae. The Hongdae area, west of Seoul, has been one of the most popular downtown areas in the city since 1962.Hongdae refers to the area near Hongik University. There are unique cafes, indie music venues and clubs. However, now in 2020, the Hongdae area has also become a representative place for gentrification in Korea.
Kim graduated from Hongik University and now has a studio in the Hongdae area. She has lived in this neighborhood for 11 years and has visually interpreted what she felt as an attachment. Along with individuality, the process of urban creation and decline seems like the love of young people.
The poor and wild love of young people accompanies passion and sadness.
The people in the book are those who live in the Hongdae area where she met using Tinder Apples.
The letter is a love letter from people living in Hongdae area who bought it using flea market application.
There are other records of the Hongdae area from old newspapers and magazines.